Sarasota Luxury Real Estate

Sarasota is rapidly being discovered by sophisticated buyers worldwide. With an average yearly temperature of 71 degrees F., a brisk economy, and one of the leading cultural communities in the county, Sarasota is attracting upper bracket buyers for both primary and second homes. Waterfront properties have double, tripled, or quadrupled in value during the past five years.

Previewing Property

With so many housing opportunities, I consider it my duty and pleasure to preview all properties that meet your profile and requirements, and to provide you with a thorough portfolio of prospective homes. Some of these properties include virtual tours, so you will be well-versed about your purchasing options prior to visiting the sites. Once you have selected the properties you want to preview, I’ll streamline your tour, help with hotel reservations, reserve tickets to some of Sarasota’s many cultural activities, and serve as your guide and hostess. Private jets can choose between Sarasota International (SRQ) or Venice airports.

Evaluating Property Potential

Although most of the luxury homes in golf course communities are new, many waterfront houses are of the “Old Florida” style and are in need of renovation or complete rebuilding. Also, unlike newer houses on the mainland, waterfront properties are quite unique from each other and require specialized knowledge to evaluate their value and potential. In addition to my own expertise, I enlist the services of architects, contractors, appraisers and other building professionals to help you decide which properties offer the highest potential for your specific use. Some of the best waterfront values are to be found in the “rough.”

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