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Elegant, perfectly manicured, Longboat Key is Sarasota’s center for glamour. Fifth Avenue style penthouse apartments co-mingle with expansive estates, the renowned Longboat Key Club and world class golf and tennis resorts. During the winter season there are black tie events in Sarasota almost every night. Bring your diamonds, reserve your limousine, and revel in the international lifestyle of Longboat Key’s residents.

History of Longboat Key

The history of Longboat Key, a barrier island, includes the Calusa And Timucan Indians who vacationed here in the 1500s when the Gulf of Mexico was six feet lower than today. Longboat Key was initially settled by hardy pioneers who were awarded land grants under the Homestead Act of 1862. Farming was extensive with tomatoes, guavas, avocados and citrus crops abundant. The steamboat, Mistletoe, out of Tampa stopped at Corey’s Landing, at mid-key, and Longbeach, at the end of Broadway, to load the crops and debark passengers in the early 1900s. The 1921 hurricane flooded the key and ended truck farming. That same year, Sarasota County was created and Longboat Key was divided in half: Manatee County in the north and Sarasota County in the south. During World War II, the center of the island was a target range for Army Air Force pilots flying P-40s, B-26s, and B-51s. Tourism took over in the 1950s, the town was incorporated in 1955, and condominium living began in the late 1970s. Today the town has about 1,500 single family homes, 7,000 condominium units and about 1,000 tourists. This is a far cry from the 14 families that the Sarasota Times reported on the key in 1915.

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