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Luxury Waterfront Homes on Casey Key

Casey Key residents dwell on this eight-mile long barrier island, with no high rise condominiums and no traffic lights. Homes here exude a unique blend of wealth, elegance, and old-Florida charm. Kick off your shoes and walk the privacy of the island which is home to published authors, entrepreneurs, and a host of Fortune 500 CEOs who have no agenda other than enjoying the sea and their neighbors. Some Casey Key residents park their jets at the Venice airport a few miles away and enjoy walking their dogs on the beach in peace and privacy.

Casey Key History

Casey Key got its name from a U.S. Army Captain named John Charles Casey who was assigned to the region to remove Seminole Indians in 1849. While Casey was assigned to the small Gulf Coast area he also helped in the coastal surveys for the U.S. government. His name appeared on the map where Casey Key now exists to mark the area where he was surveying. At the time the area was called Chaise’s Key but when the revised map came out in 1856, the name had been changed to Casey Key where his location had been marked. During the 1920s rumors began on the island that there was treasure in the north end because a real estate developer came along trying to change the name to Treasure Island. The name did not stick and residents reverted back to the original Casey Key, which still remained.

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